Net Gain Business Consultants
Jason S. Giaimo: Interim Controller & Accounting Project Specialist
· Interim Controller, CFO, Accountant       · 1 to 12+ month projects                · Part-time or Full-Time
· Forecasting, Planning, Analysis (FP&A)        · Restructuring                                 · Accounting Clean-ups, Budgeting
· Financial Modeling Accounting                       · A/R, A/P, Fixed Assets, GL         · Bank & Account Reconciliation
· Cash Management, Banking, Collection          · Technology / Start-up specialist   · Accounting System Conversions
How I can help you:
1) As Interim Controller or CFO I can step in on short notice to quickly bring
order to troubled accounting processes, maintain the accounting dept while the
Controller is away, or act as your part-time or full-time Controller/CFO.  An cost
savings while serving as their Interim Controller.

FP&A (I am an Excel & modeling expert), complex financial modeling, budgeting,
NPV, accounting system conversions/implementations, account recs and the
Accounting Consultant
my abilities include accounting clean-ups, 2) As  my
abilities include accounting clean-ups, other items in the header above.